Google Now has another Tool Called Snippet Ad Extension

As it is known, Paid search marketing is an innovative form of website marketing which connect users to see your ads. PPC campaign is one of the vigorous search marketing campaigns designed to target users.

Paid search market now has another tool called structure snippet extension which is released in beta version and is already actuated in AD words UI. Prior to this, Google has released dynamic structure snippets which is an automated extension. In addition, let see how it fits in AD words.

What is Structure Snippet?

  • The structure snippet will get displayed below your ad copy and above the site links.
  • Structure Snippet is alike as callout extensions and gives limited information to users & are not clickable.
  • You’ve to position a header for your extension which can be chosen from 12 determined categories.
  • Further, you will be allowed to add 10 values under the header portion where each value has a character value of 25.
  • Structure Snippet also follow the same requirement as for site links & callout extensions, but off course your value must lie within a line along with the theme of your header.
  • Moreover, your preset header chosen by you will be displayed which will be followed by values & colon. These headers support as per the highest average costs per click.

Pros & Cons of Structure Snippets:

  • Structure snippets is an add on for increasing your add space and improve the quality score by boosting click-through rate & ad relevancy.
  • Structure snippets allow you to high point your product & services, so that you can emphasize your Ads more effectively. Also, these extensions will be displayed apace with any other extensions too.
  • The drawback in this extension is the limitation due to header. Also, you will be unable to promote any ad if you can’t have relevant theme.


It’s essential to understand the reason of each extension so that you can apply it tactically in ad words. It is obvious that, these extensions will make your ads more relevant.

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