Five Factors for Responsive Web Design & Development

If you are worn out from inconvenient Web user interface and your web page gets delayed to reload, then it’s time to give your website a new feel. In order to build rich, faster and responsive website, below are some factors uncovered that is essential to take your website to the next level.


Java script in an Ajax inform web server in an asynchronous manner. When it comes to design web application, Ajax is used. Ajax supports for data retrieval without reloading the page. Java script controls all the basic functions of particular application & makes it perform in an effective way.


Bandwidth is categorized as the data transfer rate and the amount of data permitted to be transfer from web hosting before overage get applied. Internet connections of lower bandwidth tend to slower loading of data than high bandwidth connections. In addition, your website must have sufficient bandwidth.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate tends to the percentage of people who quit the website from the same page by visiting the site without making clicks on the website. Bounce rate indicates the navigation of particular website and the quality of site. It is necessary to sort out the usability issues or site design issues for minimize the bounce rate.

Content Management System:

CMS is a tool which manages the website’s content. CMS is helpful to alter the function & design of a site which is independent of sites content.

CSS Frame Work:

CSS framework comprised of CSS files which are implemented to create XHTML & CSS web sites. Also, it includes various CSS styles for layouts & typography.


When it comes to responsive web design, web development companies are majorly focused to build a responsive one. Including above factors, there are several other factors which must implemented for developing an efficient & responsive website.

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